Tips for eye pencil

Tips for eye pencil

Makeup is one of those things that offers almost infinite possibilities.

There are numerous ways to do so, and colors to use and even a kind of protocol that guides you to choose one way or another depending on the time or type of event for which you are going to fix.
In any case, the eyes play an important role, making it necessary to start from a simple basic idea and then you can be increased and perfected.

The first step in painting your eyes is to choose a pencil that allows you to make a firm line, for it should not be too hard. Nor should it be too soft because it runs very easily. Make sure that the tip is always perfectly sharp, because otherwise you will get a very fat and irregular line, and you can also hurt you. The color can be anything you choose, but the most recommended for beginners are the blacks and browns.

For eye pencil sometimes simply draw a line on the inside of the bottom, and you can make in a single stroke from the tear to the outside. For the stripe above the eye need ajar and draw very well as glued to the eyelashes as possible. The same goes if you decide to paint you out also in the bottom. Be guided always by the lash line, and avoid them look unpainted pieces of skin, as happens to the girl in blue pencil.

If you ever stayed as to it and do not want to erase, continues to paint inward, thus color will fill the line and not notice that is corrected. The result will be like you see in which is painted black, that by combining internal and external line does not leave any gaps in sight to cover. Once done, you can fade a little or add shadows to taste, but what ever may be missing is a touch of mascara.