Speed ​​up hair growth: is it possible?

Speed up hair growth: is it possible?

If you’re like me more sure than once you’ve gotten to seek effective ways to grow hair from shoulders to the waist as fast as possible, which can take a lifetime.
I’ve done some research and finally I found some suggestions worth trying.
I can not make any promises because hair growth varies according to factors genetic, but if you follow these steps will help you achieve the highest potential growth rate.
How to make hair grow faster?
Have you always wanted long hair, but never did you get?
Occasionally, there comes a point that will stop growing and also tend to mar very ends.
What can be done to get a hair longer?
As we know, the length of hair depends on many factors.
Keep in mind, first, that each person has a maximum length.
Although not cut his hair in years, this measure can never be exceeded.
If you also have problems such as dry, brittle hair, etc..,
Will be harder still get a long mane.
Our advice is, therefore, to take care of your hair as possible using masks and serums to hydrate and strengthen specific tips, protected from the sun with sunscreen products and reducing the use of dryer sheets and capillaries.
You also have at your disposal an arsenal of beauty products and tools that will restore your hair’s vitality and the volume needed to grow more quickly and without making it look frizzy.