Natural deodorants, benefits and recipes

Natural deodorants, benefits and recipes

The use of natural deodorant is a good alternative to industrial deodorants, they are much healthier and do not harm our skin.
The body odor nuisanceAll people sweat and our sweat has a distinctive odor. Sweating is necessary, it is a mechanism that helps to remove toxins from our body and helps regulate our body temperature, but we do not want to be leaving behind us the annoying smell of sweat.
The unpleasant body odor is caused by microorganisms that exploit the special conditions of feet, armpits and genitals to develop.

It also influences our body odor type of food we take, the presence of fungi in feet and armpits, dead skin cells and the state of our nerves.

Deodorants or Antiperspirants ?
Since ancient times people have used some kind of remedy to eliminate, where possible, the body odor.
Some time ago appeared in the famous market deodorants and antiperspirants little later.

Deodorants remove or hide the body odor and antiperspirants close the pores to prevent sudemos. Obviously this is not a good solution because sweating is necessary for our body, as already mentioned.

Use of deodorant is a good alternative and the market offers a wide range and variety of this product, but we also know that there are natural deodorants, chemical-free, perfectly fulfilling its function without harming our skin.

Examples of natural deodorants
Nature, ever wise, offers a number of plants and products we can use to prepare our natural deodorant.

Some alternative natural deodorants
Sodium Bicarbonate: neutralizes odor, is a good natural deodorant. It is applied directly under the arms and we can mix a few drops of essential oil of lavender or tea tree.
Alum stone: it is a remedy used since ancient times, used to control underarm sweat as both the feet and even hands.
It has great bactericidal effect.
Aloe vera juice is used the content in their leaves, applied on clean, dry underarms.
Not only is a good natural deodorant also helps fight fungus.
Radish: Radish juice is one of the best natural deodorant.
Apply it after bathing.
Romero: prepare an infusion of rosemary (four tablespoons rosemary leaves in 100 ml of water), which add 20 ml of alcohol, witch hazel and ten drops of five drops of lemon essence. We can take about a month.